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After over twenty years of integrated software development for business project management and data analysis, in 2015 we improved a revolutionary business intelligence tool. Through technology applied successfully to our main international case history (top player Hardware) we are now able to make it accessible to every kind of company.

You will never again have to interpret big amounts of data, with great waste of time for aggregation and compilation or obsolete Excel files with high risk of error: your business requests certain and certificated answers, immediately available data, everywhere you are, completely independently.

BI - Business intelligence - Predictive Analysis - Analytics

Knowing your company through numbers with certificated data and immediate times it’s fundamental for every entrepreneur or manager to monitor their own business trends in real time.

BI will allow you to see, at first sight, one only screen with grouped main business indicators according to the settings you desire.

You can consult, monitor and manage your company through immediately available data, even for mobile devices.

To application support:

  • Sales data, Marketing, Financials, Production
  • Predictive analysis
  • Connection with management softwares, ERP, CRM and Production softwares
  • Scheduling of programmable and automatic E-mail sending
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  • Interactive dashboards
  • KPIs, ABC curves, budget deviations
  • Sales volume, income statement, overdue
  • Top seller and trends
  • “What if” analysis


Geomarketing module features are the heart of our BI solution through the use of an advanced technology that we improved.

Maps, dashboards, data charts will provide support to understand and start marketing and commercial campaigns in an easy way and with no need of particular digital skills.

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  • Local mapping and tracking (possibility of research through zip code), vectorial cartography
  • Performance analysis and assessment of branch, point of sale or store
  • Customer behavioural analysis on a territorial or local basis
  • Performance analysis and assessment of agents and traders
  • Planning of marketing campaigns, locally customized
  • Expansion of distribution channel

Web Intelligence & Big Data

Today companies increasingly implement various communication channel and tools to boost their own business and products. Campaigns and promotions often use a channel mix that leads to a flow of informations (Big Data) very complicated to interpret unless with divergent results.

Our solution offers a unique key to understand data, which permit to evaluate the effectiveness of our actions and the positioning of our web portal or E-commerce solutions.

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  • Brand reputation
  • Media mapping
  • Customer profiling
  • Social network and web performance analysis

Bpm – Process management & Customized softwares

This is our Group’s Core Business. Thanks to 20 years experience and more than a hundred customized sotwares developed in last years for SMEs and other big companies, our teams are able to realize and analize advanced and customized software applications for all company departments, connectable to existing operating systems in the company: management softwares/ERP, CRM, other softwares.

pan ad hoc
  • Software applications ad hoc for Marketing & Commercial, Financial and Management control branches
  • Reporting systems
  • Graphical configurators
  • Mobile systems for smartphone and tablet
  • Workflow