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Over 20 years experience and hundreds of projects realized are 1st Group SA’s business card.

1st Group SA’s aim is to be pioneers of new web technologies with a team of various resources composed of creative graphic designers, web designers, copywriters, developers: that’s why the developed portals are always unique and inimitable.

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Whatever your request is, showcase websites, web portals, social media, electronic catalogues and shop online, ATG Suisse SA’s projects have the following characteristics:

  • Customized graphic study, consulting service even from the commercial proposal
  • Owned console with complete autonomy in content management and photo gallery
  • Responsive design for all resolutions of screen, tablet, smartphone
  • Optimized codes for search engines
  • Business proposals always customized and designed according to every single project
Web Marketing

Web Marketing

Being online is not enough, your website should have all technical and functional characteristics in order to have the best and desired positioning.

A certificated and specialized team will be able to carry out analysis of your company, positioning with respect to competitors, product and market analysis where you would be more noticeable.

Competitors analysis and positioning, data and statistics, monitoring and consulting are the keywords that will help you to achieve the desired results. 


  • Search engine positioning through multilingual SEO campaigns
  • Report of SEO activity through Google Analytics data (traffic, impressions, click, site visitors, time on site/page, etc.)
  • Consulting and monitoring for new actions or reviews of the campaign
  • SEM campaigns: Google AdWords, Pay Per Click, advertising banner, media planning, consulting for budgeting
  • Social media marketing: creation of social network pages, consulting to review existing pages, setup of the profile, management of online contacts, planning of new campaigns, social media sponsorship
Brand e Corporate Identity

Brand and Corporate identity

World perception of your company depends on your image, as well as on the Web: a business card, a catalogue or a brochure could adversely affect your image and reputation, despite your products and services quality.

ATG Suisse SA takes care of studying and realizing a brand communication starting from:

  • Concept, graphic design, brand or logo development
  • Brochures, catalogues and flyers
  • Layout of company documents (letterhead, envelopes, invoices, other documents)
  • Product identity
  • Definition of the institutional font

To communicate with your clients, supplier or partners ATG Suisse SA supports you with planning of media and advertising campaigns realized in collaboration with main social network and most important channels.

​Campagne DEM e Banche dati

Dem Campaigns and Databases

Newsletter is a powerful tool to communicate with your customers; a timely and non-invasive sending permits to establish or keep contacts, to provide updates about your company, products or news.

ATG Suisse SA’s creative team can reproduce the template according to your brand or create new ones based on campaign or communication types. The moment of the sending is an integral part of newsletter campaign’s success too: knowing results through data of receipt, opening, interaction with the document, will allow you to plan contacts and actions more and more focused and personalized.

If you are searching new contacts, customers or partners, ATG Suisse SA puts at your disposal databases profiled with e-mail accounts for every campaign and request, according to privacy policies: geographic area, even global, target, type of activity or sector.


  • Anti-spam newsletter platforms
  • Scheduled and customized sending
  • Monitoring with analytics, statistics and detailed reports
  • Possibility to rely on us telemarketing and follow-up