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This is ATG Suisse

If you want to manage your company in detail through data, to improve its image and increase your Brand diffusion, ATG Suisse SA provides you with consulting, complete assistance from its team and advanced technology for your projects of Business Intelligence, Web and Communication.

ATG Suisse SA is proud of 20 years of international experiences: technology and business consulting dedicated to company relocation and internationalization. A customized shadowing to support you whatever is your communication or expansion project.



Business Intelligence and Geo Marketing: knowing your data and converting them into smart informations to make decisions quickly.



All web and communication channels to highlight your company.

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Have always control of your company.


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Aggregated and certificated datasets, always available also for smartphone or tablet, will make you able to make decisions for your business in total autonomy and mobility.

Company process management through tailored softwares and Business Intelligence solutions convert business data into informations!

Procedures and tools that allow to convert data into smart and strategic informations, useful to make rapid and certain decisions.

To have complete oversight of your company you should have full access, availability and supervision of the latest business data: in total autonomy, every time and everywhere.

Customized softwares

Business Intelligence systems, Predictive Analysis, Big Data, GeoMarketing

Business Process Management

To verify your business trends you need to ask informations to several collaborators, maybe from several departments? Maybe with a long waiting time and answers not updated? Business Intelligence assists you in monitoring your company and guides you in decision making process quickly and without energy waste, reducing process costs.

You can visualize and interact with sales data, business trends, economic or financial data, even from several software systems, straight to your computer, smartphone or tablet.


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Discover your brand potential



World perception of your company depends on your image, as well as on the Web: a business card, a catalogue or a brochure could adversely affect your image and reputation, despite your products and services quality.


Over 20 years experience and hundreds of projects realized are 1st Group SA’s business card.

1st Group SA’s aim is to be pioneers of new web technologies with a team of various resources composed of creative graphic designers, web designers, copywriters, developers: that’s why the developed portals are always unique and inimitable.

Newsletter campaigns and databases

Newsletter is a powerful tool to communicate with your customers; a timely and non-invasive sending permits to establish or keep contacts, to provide updates about your company, products or news.

Web marketing

Being online is not enough, your website should have all technical and functional characteristics in order to have the best and desired positioning.

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